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Plastic wicker chair mould

Plastic wicker chair mould Plastic wicker chair mould Plastic wicker chair mould Plastic wicker chair mould
Product name : Plastic wicker chair mould
Item : XS-025
Details :
· Moulds Name : Plastic wicker chair mould
· Moulds cavity: 1,
· Moulds material: P20,718, S45C (tempering)
· Moulds life: 300,000shots to 500,000shots
· Runner system: Cold Runner
· Demould system: Ejector pins, lifter ejector
· Moulds running: Full automatical by robot or semi-automatical
· Moulds features: Good cooling system
· Part material: PP
1. Wicker chair plastic material.
Most plastic chair made by PP material. 
2. Plastic wicker chair mould steel.
Usually use P20 to make the chair mould, its mould life at least 30K shots. Some made by S50 tempering steel, mould life at least 10k shots. 
3. Plastic wicker chair mould
Can be made with both cold runner and hot runner. Both big gate, direct sprue.
4. Plastic wicker chair mould pictures.
plastic chair mould
plastic chair mould
5. Plastic wicker chair mould test sample.
chair mould
6. Plastic wicker mould test video. 

7. Other chair design available in our factory.
plastic chair mold
plastic chair mould
plastic chair mould
plastic chair mould
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