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Delamination Splay

Author : Date : 4/20/2013 5:21:08 PM

Delamination, Splay

Delamination refers to the splitting open or peeling off of regions of the surface or separation of the compound components and is usually due to excessive shearing of

the melt breaking down the polymer structure.

Splay is simiar effect but the delamination appears like radial cracks or lines on the surface of the moulding. 

         1. Reduce the injection speed and increase the processing temperatures.

         2. Check the settings data against the last successful production run.

         3. Clean the machine thoroughly when there is a change of plastic material.

         4. Check compatibility of the current master-batch or other additives.

         5. Consider increasing the gate size to reduce shear rate.

         6. Consider adding a hemispherical gate well opposite the gate to reduce shear and stress in the immediate area.

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