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Author : Date : 4/19/2013 4:08:14 PM


Tendency of a material to fracture or fail upon the application of a relatively small amount of force, impact, or shock.

Brittleness in normally caused through degradation of the material during processing, weld points or poor product design leading to sharp corners where micro cracks can porpagate leading to failure.


         1. Reduce melt temperature.

         2. Check for contamination.

         3. Check moisture content of the material.

         4. Decrease the percentage of regrind.

         5. Radii sharp corners & notch points.

         6. Adjust the feed system or incorporate flow leaders to move weld lines to a more favourable area of the part.

         7. Check lzod and Charply impact test results to make sure the polymer material is suitable for the application.

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